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Women Beat Up A Man, Blacken His Face For Molesting Girls

Video News: by NNIS

A man who had been indulging in eve teasing and harassing local girls was beaten up by locals in UP’s Kanpur. The locals not only slapped the man but even women punched and kicked him. They hit him with slippers and even blackened his face with ink. He was paraded and handed over to the police later.

According to woman, the man used harass little girls.
Its notable The structure of Indian society has always been male dominated. But in the modern era, women tried to break the centuries of shackles by venturing into male dominated areas. Though, we have grown by leaps and bounds yet the most basic structure of society is showing no signs of improvement.

A thorough look at the news paper daily shows you so many incidents against woman. Eve teasing is a huge issue in many metropolitan cities of India. .A large percentages of Indian women have faced or are facing this menace. Whether it is a public transport system or public places or shopping malls or multiplexes, women find themselves vulnerable to the threat of eve teasing everywhere. Eve teasing is complex problem and it requires more attention that what it has actually got.


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