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Withdrawal of controversial film Nanak Shah Fakir by Harinder Sikka

Sikh Youth of Punjab, a Sikh youth organisation which actively campaigned against the Nanak Shah Fakir movie, today released a written statement saying that withdrawal of controversial film Nanak Shah Fakir by Harinder Sikka (maker of the movie) was a victory of the Sikh panth.

We took no time to oppose the movie when first trailer of the movie revealed that the Guru Nanak Ji was portrayed in this movie. Harinder Sikka ignored all voices and appeals for volunteer withdrawal of the movie and released the film on April 17 reads the statement by SYP

SYP said that Harinder Sikka decision to withdraw the movie was nothing more than a face saving and skin saving exercise the global Sikh community badly neglected his movie

SYP said that Harinder Sikka will continue to be a Panth Dokhi as he had deliberately released the blasphemous movie to fulfil his commercial interests.

The Sikh youth body urged Akal Takht Jathedar to take firm stand on this issue and issue clear probition against portrayal of Sikh Gurus, their families and great GurSikhs who had attained unity with the Guru Sahib in films or movies etc.

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