Videos New York :- 2 Singhs Were Arrested By Police During A Massive Protest Outside Royal Palace Banquet Hotel In Richmond Hill.

New York :-Sikh group protested outside an Akali Dal meeting at the Royal Palace in Richmond Hill, NY. Several protesters can be seen shouting slogans against the Akali Dal representatives.

Just a day earlier, protests occurred inside the Akali Conference in Toronto where the representatives of the party weren’t allowed to speak on stage.

2 Singhs were arrested by police during a massive protest outside Royal Palace Banquet Hotel in Richmond Hill, NY. The Sikhs were out in large numbers to protest against Akali Dal Badal.

A day prior, protests caused the Akali Dal conference in Toronto to end without even being started. Police wasn’t dispatched in large numbers in the begining but after the protesters increased in size, the numbers were increased.

The police sealed off the area around the Banquet Hall and separated the two sides. The protest remained peaceful throughout the meeting and no reports of violence was received.

Singh gets arrested by the police. via (DSU News Bureau)


Two Sikh Youth arrested by NYPD at protest against SAD Badal leader and cabinet minister Tota Singh

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