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Videos :- Gurbaksh Speaks Against Bapu Surat Singh’s Hunger Strike



Gurbaksh answered questions on allegations against him on the funding he received. He stated he never received money from foreign sources.

Instead he reversed the question and put allegations against Bapu Surat Singh’s morcha stating ‘If they are so honest, why don’t they tell us where the money is coming from.’

Currently, there is a worldwide outrage against Gurbaksh for his comments against Bapu Surat Singh’s morcha.

Read in Punjabi

Exclusive Gurbaksh Speaks Against Bapu Surat Singh’s Hunger Strike read in punjabi

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Gurbaksh who was on 2 questionable hunger strikes in the past for Sikh political prisoners spoke against Bapu Surat Singh. Gurbaksh hinted at being jealous of Bapu Surat Singh’s popularity and success of the hunger strike and raised questions against it.

He told a reporter that how can anyone stay alive past 167days. He said while he took simple water that Bapu Surat Singh is taking diluted.

Gurbaksh Singh has caused an uproar on social networks with people worldwide upset at him for his comments trying to degrade Bapu Surat Singh.


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