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Video – When Simranjit Singh Mann leaves Sarbat Khalsa without Addressing Sikh Sangat

SAD Amritsar president and former MP Simranjit Singh Mann, one of the chief organizers of Sarbat Khalsa, held here at village Chaba had to leave the congregation without addressing Sikh Sangat as he felt a little uncomfortable due to health concerns.

Sources among the organizers said that Mann, who has been feeling stressed due to his hectic schedule in respect of Sarbat Khalsa and was advised to take rest didn’t heed to the advice of doctors.

According to The Tribune :
It was claimed that he felt little restlessness as he had been very busy for a long time preparing for the event. “He was uncomfortable due to concerns over his health,” said SAD (Amritsar) general secretary Jarnail Singh Sakhira.
Objections were raised that he could at least have announced the reason from the stage as lakhs of people were eager to hear him.
A spokesperson of a party, preferring anonymity, said that the way he left the stage given an impression that he was not convinced about some resolutions that were passed in the Sarbat Khalsa.
“He was there for a long time. At least, he should have passed on the message to the audience that he was unable to address them due to health concerns,” he said.

He was the centre of attention on the stage and was present on the dais for around six hours. A few minutes before the end of the programme, the stage organiser announced his name to address the public. But he felt a little uncomfortable and was directly escorted to his vehicle by senior leaders.



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