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Video of Sikh Body Builder in Kuala Lampur – Harmeet Singh

(DSU News Bureau) A video of a Sikh bodybuilder named Harmeet Singh has been trending on social networks for the past few days. The video is of the 2nd Annual Mr. Kuala Lampur competition in which the Singh participated in. The event attracts participants of all class ranging from Juniors to Masters.

The Singh’s hard work and diet can be seen through his lean muscle and tremendous physique.

The Singh competed in the Masters class and took a spot on the podium.

Here were the results of the Masters Class:
Pertama – Lim Kuang Seng (#48)
Kedua – Jufri Salam (#52)
Ketiga – Mohamad Razali Aris (#50)
Keempat – Masron Misran (#53)
Kelima – Raymond Teng (#49)
Keenam – Harmet Singh (#51)

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