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Video – Do movies portraying Guru Sahib are really helpful for Sikh Children?

This video clip is part of a detailed discussion (Part II) by Sikh Siyasat on Nanak Shah Fakir movie. In this clip S. Harkamal Singh Surrey explained that movies on Sikh Gurus can not be a replacement of Sikh parent’s duty to tell their children about Sikhi. As the idea of portraying Sikh Guru Sahibs was basically faulty any movie created on that idea won’t do anything better to the Sikh children.

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Understanding thought patterns favouring & opposing Film Nanak Shah Fakir portraying Sikh Gurus

Sikh Siyasat’s host Baljeet Singh conducted a discussion with prominent sikh thinker Sr. Ajmer Singh from Chandigarh and Sr. Harkanwal Singh from Surrey, Canada, regarding the principled legitimacy of the controversial movie ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ in the light of Sikh philosophy.

Volatile and widespread developments took place after that discussion. Strong support and vehement opposition poured in from different sections along with some thought provoking as well as cynical questions to both the participants. A follow up discussion was conducted by host Baljeet Singh in which he confronted both Sr. Ajmer Singh and Sr. Harkanwal Singh with some tough questions on this burning issue.

Watch how both the thinkers, seasoned Sr. Ajmer Singh and young Harkanwal Singh took the questioning head on, vividly explaining the essence of their argument and its immortal frame of reference in comparison to the unethical and self-coerced reliance of the ‘Opposition’ on the materialistically oriented, intellectually corrupt and spiritually devastated pressures of the ‘West.’

They also clarified some genuine confusions coming from Sikh masses as well as addressed opposing viewpoints of certain social and academic figures such as Prof. I J Singh, Sr. Kanwar Sandhu and Mr. Sidhu Damdami, challenging their opinions with the rationale of Sikh philosophy and history, thus laying this controversial matter to rest for once and all.


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