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Video – British National was one of the 30 or so Sikhs to be arrested today by Panjab Police at Sri Harmander Sahib

We have received concerning news, that 29 year old British National, Dapinder Singh (in the photo wearing a blue dastaar) was one of the 30 or so Sikhs to be arrested today by Panjab Police. Thousands of ordinary devout Sikhs had gathered at the very place where the attack took place, to honour those who gave their lives for their faith.

Understandably, Dapinder’s family are very concerned about his well being. Sikh Relief are in contact with the family and providing our full support at this worrying time. Via: Sikh Relief

>He is reportedly trying to get in touch with the New Delhi based UK consulate


 It has come to light, that of the many Sikhs who were arrested at the 6th of June memorial services at Sri Harmander Sahib yesterday, one is Dapinder Singh of Derby in the UK.

It is understood the 29 year old was detained for being present at Sri Harmander Sahib, rather than for any reason, according to witnesses, relating to his behaviour, he was described as calm and peaceful throughout the day and during his arrest as well.

As British national, his treatment may raise concerns around the Sikh community here in Britain, leaving many worried about the notorious Panjab Police and their 3rd degree methods during interrogations, as cited in decades of UN and Amnesty International reports, which does not bode well for Dapinder Singhs personal health and wellbeing.

It may be recalled that SGPC task force and a group of youth had clashed on 6 June afternoon, about 4 hours after the conclusion of Ghallughara samgam. The clash took place when a groups of youth was raising slogans in Darbar Sahib’s Parikarma and the SGPC task force tried to stop them. According to police 7 persons were injured in this clash.

The arrested persons are still in the custody of Amritsar police. Sources said that the police is investigating the role of arrested persons in yesterday’s clash.

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