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Vangaar March :- July 14 at 9 AM from Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib ; Update Video of Bapu Surat Singh Ji

A large scale “Vangaar March” is being organized tomorrow on July 14 to seek release of Sikh political prisoners.  The march will commence at 9 AM from Gurdwara Tahliana Sahib, Raikot for Hassanpur.

Large Scale Vangaar March from Raikot to Hassanpur in Punjab


This poor old man makes humble request….

Warning this video will upset you

Guys hear the words of an 83 year old man, Bapu Surat Singh….who has been on Hunger Strike for the PAST 189 days!

They are so weak, they can hardly get their voice out…..but they heard about what the UK Sikhs were planning and so they sent this message. ….

Please watch and see what Bapu ji is saying..


Guys ring your Gurdwara right NOW all Guru Ghar committee offices are open between 7-8pm!!

Ring them NOW and book your coach seat.

If they haven’t got a coach do a mini bus…take the initiative people….if you call today they can organise it tomorrow, READY for Wednesday!!


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