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Truth Behind the IMPLEMENTATION of Punjabi Language in CHANDIGARH ! | Punjabi Can’t Be Implemented In Chandigarh – Rajnath Singh

Chandigarh: India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh has refused to make Chandigarh the official Punjabi language. Rajnath said that the official language of Chandigarh will remain in English only. The Home Minister directed the Chandigarh Administration that the replies in the Punjabi language should be answered in Hindi and Hindi letters.
Home Affairs Minister Rajnath Singh meets with Union Home Minister on Thursday (July 27) at his residence at the Home Ministry’s advisory committee. The 12-member committee discussed the various issues of Chandigarh during the meeting with the Home Minister.

During the talks, Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the official language of Chandigarh will remain in English. Rajnath’s argument was that in Chandigarh there are officers from different parts of the Indian sub-continent and it is difficult for them to learn every language. For this, Chandigarh will remain the main language of English.

The meeting of the Home Ministry’s Closure Committee will be held every six months now. It is worth mentioning that the meeting of the Home Ministry Advisory Committee was held this year 12 years later.

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