True Story Of November 1984 | Genocide of Sikhs | Live Telecasted by a IBN7

True Story Of November 1984 | Genocide of Sikhs | Live Telecasted by IBN7


Genocide of Sikhs True Story Of November 1984 | Genocide of Sikhs |  Live Telecasted by a IBN7

Soon after the death of Indira Gandhi , Anti-Sikh feelings were stroked throughout India by using the government controlled electronic media and rumors were spread against Sikhs.

Meanwhile Doordarshan controlled by the govt. regularly broadcasted Mrs. Gandhi’s body lying in state along with a grieving Rajiv Gandhi and shots of agitated crowds, which bellowed ‘khoon ka badla khoon se lengey’.

Having prepared the ground, Congress party workers commissioned trucks to bring in villagers from the outlying villages armed with iron rods and gasoline. They were assured police non-interference. It did not need much inducement to egg poor villagers to help themselves to Sikh property. Rape was an additional bonus for these depraved Congress animals.

What followed was brutal killing of Sikhs in Delhi, Kanpur, Rourkela and other cities in all over India in which more then 15,000 Sikhs were murdered in broad daylight by the supporters of Indira Gandhi while police watched, all this when India had a Sikh president but without any power.

Of these 6000-7000 died on Delhi roads in broad daylight and after a score of commissions and enquiry committees justice has still eluded the Sikhs as the killers continue to walk on Delhi roads.

Most observers agree that the violence began as random attacks on individual Sikh men who were pounced upon in public places, on public transport and on the streets on 31 October. Some people attempted to pass off the day’s events as a reactive outburst of anger at the assassination of Indira Gandhi by two Sikh members of her security guard. But what happened over the next three days ( Nov 1 – Nov 3 , 1984 )  makes it impossible to dismiss those events as spontaneous expressions of outrage.

The series of attacks on Sikh homes, gurudwaras and commercial establishments which began on 1 November seems to have been the work of organized hoodlums who collected large mobs for systematic looting and killing. Broadly speaking, the attacks can be placed in three categories:



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