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Today is Avtar Divas of Bhagat Kabeer Ji and Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale.

Bhagat Kabeer Ji was one of the Shiromani Bhagats of Akal Purkh Waheguru. Bhagat Kabeer Ji were a revolutionary ”Khalsa” of his time. Tyrant regime of the time was against him, established religious hiearchy Mullahs and Pandits were against him, still he continued his journey of walking on Path of Truth. They even tried to kill him, defame him but Waheguru protected their Bhagat.

Today also happens to be ”actual” Birth date of Sant Giani Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa, the revolutionary Khalsa of 20th Century. Sant Ji were born on 2nd June 1947 at Village Rode in house of Bapu Joginder Singh.
Regime, political class, sell out Jathedars, fake Panthaks were all against him, still he continued to walk on Path of Truth. He was offered every possible lure, Money, Power, Position, but Sant Ji rejected everything on tip of his Shoes (Jutti di nok te thukra ditta) and continued to speak against Injustice meeted out to his Nation.

In the end, All the dushts conspired to finish him off, but with Waheguru’s grace He and his Name and glory lives on in Hearts of Khalsa Panth.


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