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Today In History – 6th Aug 1983

Over a year into the morcha which began because of the illegal arrest of bhai amrik singh ji baba thahra singh ji. During the course of the year from 19th july 1982 these 2 singhs would be released from jail and immediately a new false case would be filed as they stepped foot outside the jail. Sant ji and the singhs had enough of this drama and decided to do something about it. On august 6th 1983 they were to be released again. Sant ji and singhs were aware of this and came up with a plan surrounding the jail in spots where they were not visable. The singhs also carried firearms.
As soon as bhai amrik singh and baba thahra singh ji were free to leave and just as the police men were getting ready to re arrest them on a new false case, many singhs quickly rushed out into the open and grabbed bhai amrik singh and baba thahra singh ji and brought them back to sri harmandar sahib. The dusht police officers and bachna dsp were in total shock and couldnt do anything to stop this.

Writeup by Jagowala Jatha
Source – damdami taksal


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