The History Of Lohri by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale (Katha Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji)

The History Of Lohri by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Bhindranwale (Katha Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji)

(For shardavaan gurmukh piare only)
This sakhi which gets classed as bramanvaad by nastik people is actually an eye opener. It explains how the lords true bhagats have always been saved throughout the ages from evil tryant rulers when taking on governments. In this case father and son.

The festival of lohri originates back to the times of satyug. The king at that time was harnakash. We read this tukk each evening in sampooran rehraas sahib “harnakash dusht har maarea prehlaad taraeya” meaning dusht harnakash was killed by god and bhagat prehlad was saved.

As many kings get hankari so did harnakash. He wanted everyone to chant his name as the lord and not the name of hari or raam. (Mahraj ji in Sri dasam granth sahib ji states this sakhi in depth within the chapters of chaubees avtar under narsingh avtar – katha done by mahapurkh sant baba jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale 14th mukhi damdami taksal).
As harnakash wiped the lords name wherever written with jalle harnakash thalle harnakash etc meaning harnakash is everywhere, his son prehlad (bhagat prehlad) didnt agree with this and at the age of around 5 years he would chant the name of the lord and not his father. At school he would also write JALLE HARI THALLE HARI URRE HARRI BANNE HARRI instead of his fathers name. His teachers began to worry and told his father that his own son is teaching the other kids to chant the lords name and not harnakash.

One day harnakash saw this and politely asked his son why he isnt reciting his fathers name. When prehlad refused to chant his fathers name as the lord the fight had begun to eliminate bhagat prehlad.
Harnakash and his army resorted to many different techniques to finish prehlad. Firstly they lit a fire and heated coals then made him walk across it, they tried to drown him, starve him, threw him off a moutain but maharaj ji kept saving him. They decided that harnakashs sister holka has a fire proof blanket which was given to her as a blessing from god and that they would light a bonfire and holi would take her nephew prehlad with her into the fire. They thought that prehlad would burn and holka would survive due to the blanket.
At this point the god fearing people prayed to akaal purkh to save the small boy prehlad from the horrendous torture being inflicted upon him by the his father the king and his dusht army. This is when the festival of lohri started. Even today people remember the time when those in satyug prayed for prehlads well being and they still do for any newborn today. Any excuse to goto the gurdwara sahib and attain maharaj sahibs darshan on any day or festival is always chardi kala.


On this day of lohri harnakash and his dusht army lit the bonfire and it burnt for approx 2 months. It was on holi which falls in march that the fire went out and they found bhagat prehlad playing with the ashes and not even the remains of holka could be found. After seeing bhagat prehlad still alive harnakash pulled out his kirpan and was going to kill him but out of the pillar a half man half lion called narsingh appeared and saved prehlad bhagat. Narsingh was akaal purkh in the form of a nimmitt avtar. This jang lasted 8 days and 8 nights and narsingh finished off dusht harnakash by ripping him using his nails. This sakhi is written in sri guru granth sahib ji and written in depth in sri dasam granth sahib ji which sant bhindranwale have done katha of which we will make available on our soundcloud @jagowalajatha.

I have written this sakhi very briefly and missed out some parts due to this but i will write it up fully at some point leading onto the significance of holla mahalla. If anyone feels this has been made up then please read tukks in gurbani and listen to mahapursh sant jarnail singh bhindranwale jis katha.

(Katha sri dasam granth sahib ji)

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