Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa

Please do 5 Chaupai Sahib’s |The 300th DAY | Bapu Surat Singh Hunger Strike !!

TODAY marks the 300th DAY of Bapu Surat Singhs Hunger Strike!!

Please do 5 Sri Chaupai Sahibs today, submit at this link

Please tweet today for 300th Day of Sangharsh using the hashtag‪#‎BandiChorDivas‬
bapu surat singh 300 day of hungar strike

Bapu Surat Singh is an 83 year old American resident who has been on a peaceful protest in the form of a hunger strike since 16th January 2015, requesting the release of those Sikh political prisoner’s that have already completed their jail terms but are stilllanguishing in Indian prisons.

Bapu Surat Singh have been arrested on SIX separate occasions this year and every time taken to hospital where he has been placed on a drip against his will.

The struggle continues.

We salute this brave and selfless man.

Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru

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