Speech from #FreeJaggiNow Campaign During 1984 Remembrance Rally. | 216 Days In Detention Without Formal Charge

For the first time, a note from Jaggi was read out in which he detailed the exact details of what he went through during his 4 days of torture.

Also, details of the next event are mentioned which will take place at GNG Gurdwara, Smethwick on 23 June 2018.


216 Days In Detention Without Formal Charge

Today marks exactly 7 months since Jaggi was abducted from the streets of Punjab by plain clothed officers. Tomorrow will see Jaggi being presented at Mohali court by the NIA in another pre-trial preliminary hearing.

Jaggi has been passed from one agency to another and neither has formally charged Jaggi with any crime in the 7 months. Countless unfounded allegations have been made in an attempt to kill the #FreeJaggiNow campaign. However, what India has failed to realise is truth always prevails and their lies have not gone unnoticed by the entire world.

Earlier this morning, Jaggi was presented via video conference for another pre-trial preliminary hearing at Faridhkot court.

What we are now seeing is a blatant attempt at delaying any trial beginning for Jaggi as India knows he is innocent and any court will see this when the prosecution has no evidence to produce against an innocent man.


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