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Spanish Women Speaks Out To Support Sikhs.

‘The Golden Temple’ is one of the most beautiful places anywhere in the world today. It is steeped in 500 years of history and attracts visitors from all faiths across the globe. It supports the poor and feeds thousands of homeless people every day. It is run entirely through charitable donations and volunteers willing to give their time to help others.

In June 1984 the Indian Government stormed the temple with helicopters and machine guns and killed hundreds of innocent worshippers, many of them women and young children. Five months later several senior politicians orchestrated the massacre of Sikhs on the streets of Delhi and right across India following the assassination of the prime minister at the time, Mrs Indira Gandhi.

Girls were raped, young children killed and men were burned alive. It is estimated that more than 50,000 people were killed in a Sikh genocide, known as the ‘Sikh holocaust’.

Many of the perpetrators of these hideous crimes have been identified but walk free today whilst witnesses who have testified against them in court have mysteriously disappeared. There are tens of thousands of people today on missing person lists that the officials cannot explain.

In 2004 the Indian Government applied to UNESCO for The Golden Temple to become a World Heritage Site. If the application had been approved it would have given full legal control to the Indian Government. This is against the basic human rights of all Sikhs as it was applied for without the consent of the Sikhs.

Thankfully and due to the pressure from human rights campaigners around the world, India withdrew its application. However critically it did not remove it from the list completely. Therefore today The Golden Temple remains on what is called a ‘tentative list’.

This means that at any time and without warning, the application can be resubmitted and approved. This decision is irreversible.The Golden Temple will be lost forever and will fall into the controlling hands of the Indian Government.

A Spanish woman from the UK has launched a petition to remove Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji in the tentative list of UNESCO. UNESCO hasn’t remove Sri Harmandir Sahib from it’s tentative list which means at any time in the future it can be considered as a heritage site.

The only way UNESCO will remove Sri Harmandir Sahib from the list is if the Indian Prime Minister withdraws the nomination.
Sign petition:
Remove ‘The Golden Temple’ from the UNESCO tentative list.

 This petition is directed at the Indian Government to remove The Golden Temple from the tentative list once and for all. This is the only way to ensure that The Golden Temple remains in the hands of its rightful owners. The Golden Temple is not owned by any institution, least of all the Indian Government. It is owned by the 25 million Sikhs around the world.
 This is a genuine opportunity for the Indian Government for reconciliation. We hope they take it.

But they will only listen with YOUR VOTE.

UNESCO must also listen to the people’s cries for help and change its policy but thus far it refuses to hear the voice of democracy. UNESCO, we urge you to please listen to all of the people around the world fighting for this injustice. Look at the anguish and suffering that is being caused and understand why you must now take action and remove The Golden Temple from the list.

This petition should be signed by every person in the world who believes in right over wrong and who believes in the sanctity of free speech and fundamental human rights.


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