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SP Baljeet Was Killed Yesterday In Gurdaspur ; What Basis is Baljeet a “shaheed”?

*** PLEASE SHARE ***SP Baljeet was killed yesterday  in Gurdaspur while trying to fight 4 Islamic Militants who held off hundreds of Punjab Police officers, NSG Commando’s, Home Guards and Punjab’s newly formed SWAT Team (Israeli Trained) for 12 hours.
Some disillusioned Sikhs, even Khalistani’s have taken to social media to refer to Baljeet as a “Shaheed” (martyr). But before giving him that title one must look into the history of Baljeet and why he joined the Police force?Baljeet’s father Achar (ASI) was killed by Sikh Militants in Moga 1984 for carrying out human rights violations against Sikhs. He was a known rapist and also tortured innocent Sikhs when in Police custody. Hence, Sikh Militants delivered justice and killed him.Baljeet was outraged by this and joined the Police to avenge the death of his father. During the height of the Khalistan movement he was known to have carried out fake encounters on innocent Sikh youths. His cousin Manpreet was also known for his human rights violations on innocent Sikh youths during the Sikh freedom movement and subsequently was killed by Sikh Militants in 1991 for his devious actions.

“was a son to a policeman who too was killed by militants during the height of militancy in Punjab in 1984” (The New Indian Express)

“Baljit’s first cousin, Manpreet Singh, a constable in Punjab Police, was killed by terrorists in Tarn Taran in 1991.” (Hindustan Times)

So on what basis is Baljeet a “Shaheed”? Regardless of the fact that the attack was carried out by Islamic Militants and he was randomly killed, there should be no reference to Baljeet as a martyr according to the Sikh tradition.

The real hero of the day was the bus driver who saved 72 lives!

P.S Not condoning the violence but just highlighting some facts!

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