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SOPW – History of Shaheed Bhai Mengha Singh | June 1st

On the evening of June 1st, the firing ended and a message was sent to the fallen warrior’s mother and father. On the afternoon of June 2nd, they arrived from Yamunanagar at Guru Nanak Nivaas, despite the curfew. Mata Jee saw her son and said, “Son, you’ve fulfilled your promise. When you left home to serve the Panth you asked the Guru for what you have achieved today. By fulfilling your words, and giving your life to the Panth, you have honoured my womb.”

All the Jathebandees in the complex, upon hearing the news of the Shaheedee did a final ardaas for Bhai Kulwant Singh, and upon seeing the shaheed for the final time, heaped praise upon his bravery. Whoever meditates upon the Guru with a pure heart, for certain, gets the reward. May we be a sacrifice unto this first Shaheed, this blessed soul. This was the first shaheed whose body was cremated in the Darbar Sahib complex, despite the protestations of the SGPC president. Bhai Sahib was cremated close to Sri Manjee Sahib.

Jathedar Sukhdev Singh Babbar and other Gursikhs lovingly bathed Bhai Sahib’s body and dressed him in the five kakkars, a chola and dumalla . After the final ardas, he was brought near Sri Manjee Sahib and all the sangat in the complex accompanied this procession. Bhai Sujan Singh put a sheet over the body on behalf of Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Other jathebandees also put sheets on the body out of respect and covered it with garlands of flowers. At the time of cremation, there was a large gathering of the sangat and every Gursikh felt the pain of Bhai Sahib’s departure. Bhai Sahib’s father lit the funeral pyre and seeing the rising flames, every Gursikh felt the desire to run to battle and die fighting for the faith.


Interview with Bhai Davinder Singh regarding the history of Shaheed Bhai Mengha Singh, who was the first Shaheed (martyr) of Operation Bluestar.



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