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Some Of Our Sevadars Have Been Working On Our Crime And Addiction Project In Punjab

They noticed the rehabilitation side of helping addicts, is a lot different to what we may assume.
There is a massive need to help sikhs get off Alcohol and Drugs and to get them back into a sikh way of life.
The rehabilitation centre clearly shows its methods of detoxing the addict and in what environments they are using.
We have to start helping our people it is about time enough is enough.

Please support Sikh Youth Birmingham in there drink and drug addiction programmes and how they are helping families change there lives.
Sikh Youth Birmingham are currently helping so many families in UK and will be going Panjab to start bringing those Soorma back into Sikhi launching sikh youth Panjab team September 2015.
If you would like to support and help us make a sustainable rehab In Certain areas of Panjab and get the sikh community alcohol and drug free then do not hold back how ever you can support us please do.

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