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Pics & Videos – Silent Protest by Artists in Chandigarh sector 17 in Support of Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa’s | 258th day

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s struggle has entered its 258th day (ਧਰਮ ਯੁਧ ਮੋਰਚਾ 2, ਦਿਨ 258). Bapu Surat Singh Ji is currently being detained at PGI Chandigarh. Please email Amnesty International and Amnesty International India at the following email addresses:

Please inform them that:

Bapu Surat Singh is an 82 year old human rights campaigner who has been on hunger strike for 257 days (on 29.9.15) calling for the release of Sikh Political Prisoners. Many of these prisoners were convicted under the TADA in 1985-95. This act was criticized at the time by human rights groups, and has since been withdrawn as it gave the statepowers to detain suspects without charge. There were also widespread reports of the police extracting confessions under torture.

Bapu Surat Singh was arrested on September 26, 2015 by Punjab Police from his home. He has been detained by the police at Chandigarh PGI Hospital. He is currently being given medical treatment against his will and his human rights are being violated. His son is not being allowed to visit him. This is the 4th occasion on which Bapu Surat Singh has been arrested and forcibly taken into hospital. On the previous occasion in August you issued a statement calling for his human rights to be respected…/punjab-government-must-respect…

• Urge Amnesty to act immediately and launch an urgent action
• Ask them to request Punjab Police to release Bapu Ji immediately
• Ask them to call on the Chief Minister of Punjab and the Indian Government to release the Sikh Political Prisoners who have been identified for release by human rights organisations such as PUCL India. At the very least these prisoners should be granted parole.

1) Tweet to Government of Punjab @PunjabGovtIndia, urging them to take action and free the Sikh political prisoners

2) Petition to urge the UK government to address Bapu Ji’s struggle (anyone can sign):

3) As part of an ongoing Seva, please do as many Chaupai Sahib Paaths as possible and submit your numbers at this link:

4) Starting the week of 26 October, 2015, a blood donation event will take place in the UK and the U.S. to raise awareness for Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s struggle to free Sikh political prisoners. Please post a picture of you donating with the hashtag ‪#‎SikhBlood‬ and tag @BapuSuratSingh on Twitter and sangharsh_jaari_hai on Instagram

Facebook event pages:

Sangat worldwide is encouraged to organize similar blood donation events the same week and help raise awareness for Bapu Ji’s struggle.

5) Collective Sikh organisations in the UK are organising an art exhibition that will display work inspired by Bapu Surat Singh Ji’s hunger strike to release Sikh political prisoners. All mediums including poetry are welcome. Any artists who would like to submit work have until 20th October, 2015. If you have any queries or would like to know more please contact: or 07512 745189

Prisoner Info:


Twitter: @BapuSuratSingh
Instagram: sangharsh_jaari_hai

Media Information Packet:…/Speak-for-Khalsa-Info-Pa…

Get the latest updates of the sangharsh directly to your phone on whatsapp:
1. Add +1-662-380-1183 number in your address book
2. Send us a message

Amnesty International India Statement:…/punjab-government-must-respec…/

Statement by Human Rights Organization PUCL in India:

The Logical Indian…/a-man-who-is-fasting-for-253…/


Sangat Ji, the government has repeatedly stated that these Sikh political prisoners cannot be released. This is not true. When the government states that there is absolutely no way we can release them, we should say, we demand to know why Inspector Gurmeet Pinky, convicted of killing Sikh youth, sentenced to life imprisonment, can be released in 7-8 years and Singhs remain in jail, having served 20+ years? We demand to know why DSP Swaran Dass, convicted of killing Sikh youth, sentenced to life imprisonment, can be released in 5 years while his case was still pending in court, and Sikh political prisoners remain in jail? We demand to know why DSP Jaspal Singh, also convicted of killing Sikh youth, sentenced to 7-8 years, can be released in 1.5 yrs and be reinstated in his job in Punjab police?.


Panjab Youth Awaken to Bapu Surat Singh ji’s campaign…..

17 Panjabi artists in Chandigarh hold a ‘silent protest’ where they drew images of Bapu Surat Singh & Sikh political prisoners, and images of how Indian media/government has failed to highlight Bapu ji’s story.

The artist’s came from different religious backgrounds and showed their solidarity with Bapu Surat Singhs peaceful human rights based campaign requesting the release of Sikh political prisoners that have completed their jail terms but are still languishing in Indian prison’s.

Respect to these students for using their skill set to help highlight Bapu Surat Singh ji’s campaign.


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