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Sikhs and Kashmiris Protest in London on India Republic Day as Black Day

London, England: Sikh and Kashmiri diaspora sections in England protested outside the Indian High Commission in London on Saturday 26 January 2019. The protest coincided India’s Republic Day.

Sikh protesters said that the Sikh nation will not rest until it secures its freedom as well as the release of its political prisoners, as well as the punishment of perpetrators of 1984 Sikh genocide.

Kashmiri activists accused India of committing blatant human rights abuses in Kashmir. Giving details about their protest, the organisers said: “Khalistan and Kashmir Zindabad slogans, being raised by all the protestors in unison, was of obvious concern to Indian journalists in attendance. They were told in clear terms that Hindutva colonialism will never be accepted in those regions. They pledged to internationalise their struggles and bring peace and justice to the Sikh and Kashmiri homelands”.

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The participants were chanting slogans of “Indian occupation forces get out of Kashmir, India leaves Kashmir, stop brutalities in the Occupied Kashmir, Kashmiris want freedom from Indian occupation, Kashmiris want right of self-determination, Kashmir zindabad, Khalistan zindabad”.

Meanwhile, Kashmiris protesters were also joined by Sikhs in London in their protest outside the Indian High Commission.

The protesters demanded of the international community to take notice of the gross rights violations
in Indian occupied Kashmir.

The protesters reiterated their resolve that Kashmiris would continue their struggle against the occupation of Kashmir by India and till they get freedom from it and realization of their birthright to self-determination.

A similar protest was also held by British Pakistanis and Kashmiris in other parts of the United Kingdom and marked Indian republic day as Black day.


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