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Video Sikh-youth’s Beaten by SGPC employees on June 6 Clash in Darbar Sahib complex


The 45 Singhs that were arrested on the 6th June in Amritsar Sahib, following the Shaheedi Smagam….are, it is understood, due to appear in court tomorrow morning!

PLEASE do Ardass for these Singhs, that the drummed up FALSE charges against them are dropped, the ONLY reason these Singhs were arrested was, that they wore Bana or Sant ji t-shirts!

The arrests were carried out maliciously by Panjab Police under the instructions of SGPC Task Force with the INTENT to mar the Shaheedi smagam!

Its appears that they are deliberately trying to discourage Sikhs gathering at Amritsar Sahib on the 6th June to remember the Shaheeds of 1984.

TRULY sad state of affairs.

Waheguru Kirpa Karan!

Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru….

*Please note 45 Singhs were arrested on the day, 31 were charged and released on bail due to appear in court.


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