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Sikh Mass Demonstration Is Taking Place Right Now In Front Of The Whitehouse

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Pictures and Videos

Washington D.C July 22, 2015
Lafayette Park 6pam – 9pm

The Spirit of Freedom and the Glory of Sovereignty soared in the skies of Washington, DC!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015: Sikh youth in the Washington, DC area organized a demonstration in front of the White House in regards to Bapu Surat Singh ji and Dharm Yudh Morcha Part 2. The core of the organizers were young Sikhs who feel very passionately about Sikhi, Khalsa, and the issues surrounding the Panth. Earlier a mini demonstration was held at short notice on Monday July 20th but due to over whelming support, they organized a bigger one 2 days later. The total turn out yesterday was over 100 people in only 2 days of short notice, notibly a strong show of support.

The youth urged the American government and public to speak up against the atrocities of the Indian Penal System and the Indiam Government, in specific the Badal-Modi rule of butchring and turmoil. They urged the government to stop and halt trade/economic deals with all countries that have grave human rights and civil liberties violations, including first and foremost India. Sikh youth attracted hundreds of onlookers, out of which many joined the cause expressing support for the release of Sikh and non-Sikh political prisoners.

This shows the solidarity and celebration amongst Sikh youth worldwide for true Sikh issues in Punjab. This is called being connected to your roots and propagating Sikhi. This only urges Sikh youth everywhere, especially in Punjab to stay in Chardi Kala and stay active instead of being complacent and neglegent towards their rights and freedom.


India :-When you imprison and attempt to force feed an 82 year old man for holding a peaceful hunger strike and raising a voice against the human rights violations YOU have committed,

When you refuse to release or even glance at the cases of political prisoners who have long completed their prison sentences and continue to keep them separated from their parents, children and spouses,

you lose the right to call yourself a democracy.

Until the day arrives that you stop taking away the voices of the ones fighting for their rights and begin feeding the stomachs of those MILLIONS who are unwillingly hungry and fighting death every day on your own streets,

Until the day arrives that you stop turning a blind eye to the countless violations committed every day by the ones that you have hired to protect the residents of your country and begin granting freedom to those who have been deprived of it for far too long,

you cannot call yourself a nation built on justice and truth and you most definitely cannot call yourself a democratic government.



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