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Sikh Contributions To The Independence Struggle ; 31 yrs later no justice. When is the debt going to be paid?

The Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh makes the following statement today:

“India is indebted to the Sikhs”.

SIKHS ask ‘ When is this debt going to be paid?’

Is this the REASON why the Indian government actively participated in the Sikh Genocide?

So if there are no Sikhs left, they won’t ask for debt to be paid!

DEAR Indians,

Sikhs have acted as guardians of India for the past few hundred years.

Guru Tegh Bahadur ji along with Bhai Mati Dass, Bhai Sati Dass and Bhai Dayala ji gave the ultimate sacrifice in SAVING the Hindu religion,

When Abdali abducted 1000’s of young Hindu girl’s, it was the Sikh Sardars that died bringing them back and returning them to their homes safely.

Sikh’s played the pivotal role in freeing India from the clutches of the British, and paid the heaviest price in doing so, their homeland Panjab was torn into two parts, with the majority of it given to Pakistan, including the birthplace of the founder of the Sikh faith, Nanakana Sahib which is only 72 km from the border.

ONE would of thought the Indian State would looked favourably at the Sikhs, as they made the LARGEST contribution and gave the MOST sacrifice in the struggle, sadly that wasn’t the case.

The newly formed Indian constitution FAILED to recognise the Sikhs as a separate faith, but labelled the Sikhs as Hindus with long hair and beards.

The Panjab State was further annexed in 1966 on the basis of language, the Hindu population declared that Hindi was their mother tongue and not Panjabi.
So Haryana State was formed out of Panjab, to add injury to insult Panjab and Haryana have to share their capitol and high court, NO other state in India has to do that.

Then the Indian government decided to divert naturally running water in the Panjab to other states with NONE of the revenue going to Panjab! The same wss done with the electric, it is diverted to other states!

No industry was allowed to develop in Panjab.

The Sikh’s in the meantime, even in the face of all this adversity thrived, through their hard work they transformed Panjab into the most successful state, and won the title as the Breadbasket of India.

The Sikhs and the Panjabi people fought a PEACEFUL Civil Rights campaign, asking for the SAME rights other states had! It was known as the Anandpur Sahib Resolution, 100,000’s courted arrest and carried out large demonstrations in support of it.

But the Indian Government didn’t budge.

The peaceful campaign went on for many decades!

But sadly, the Indian government had other plans for the Sikhs.

They introduced a ‘Black Cat’ programme, in which police officials and hired goons, would go into village’s in and around Panjab dressed as Sikh men, and then rape Hindu girls and loot Hindu homes, THEN blame it on the Sikhs, to discredit the Sikhs campaign for SAME CIVIL RIGHTS. These same Black Cats would then stop public buses order ALL the Hindu men off them and Kill them in Cold Blood, again they would blame this on the Sikh’s.

This OBVIOUSLY had an negative impact on the psyche of the majority Hindu populous, which then became unrecptive to the Sikhs cause, in turn making it easier for the authorities to ignore the Sikhs demands as they were a minority.

This went on for many years until 1984 when the Indian Government took the UNNECESSARY step of using the Indian army to attack the Sikhs most holiest shrine, Sri Harmander Sahib with 110,000 soldiers and tanks.

They said that they went in to get ONE man, Sant Jarnail Singh ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, this is NOW known not to be the case.

Indra Gandhi was assainated on the 31st October 1984, then 30,000 Sikh’s are killed across India JUST BECAUSE the people who assainated Indra were Sikhs.

TWO genocides in 1 year, where the Government took an active role.

31 years later Still no justice.

When is the debt going to be paid?

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