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Sikh Community From Fishers City Donated | $5000 and $5000 worth of Hot food To TSA Employees at the Indianapolis Airport

US Sikh Community Distributes Gift Cards, Indian Food to TSA Employees Struggling After Partial Govt Shutdown

Gurinder Singh “KHALSA”, along with the Sikh Community of Fishers, are coordinating efforts with Mario Rodriguez, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority and Aaron Batt, TSA Federal Security Director to support the Indianapolis Airport TSA agents who are impacted by the extended government shut-down. $5000 in gift/grocery cards and more $5000 worth of hot food will be delivered to TSA agents at the Indianapolis Airport on Monday afternoon, January 28, 2019. Currently working with working with Local Grocery Stores who ever will give the best discount for the cause, we will buy from them and share their names.

The Sikh community of Fishers has grown from five families to more than 500 families and have recently launched a $3 million building project. We are incredibly grateful for the vibrant community we have and want to continue extending the humanitarian principle of sharing the fruits of ones labor with others,” Gurinder Singh (Founder & Chairman, SikhsPAC) recently explained. “The Community Kitchen is the hallmark of our mission and is opened to the entire community.”

Singh believes mobilizing such efforts will convey an encouraging and an optimistic response from others as Sikh temples and faith-based organizations in the central Indiana area to come forward in assisting in the coming weeks, if needed. “Our Community Kitchen will continue serving every Sunday and we will deliver hot food weekly to our TSA public servants on a weekly basis until the shut-down is lifted. Our hope is to be able to meet the needs of those who are at the greatest impact as well as inspire others to come forward,” Singh expressed.

“The communities’ generosity is overwhelming and amazing,” states Aaron Batt. Not every TSA agent is in need, but there certainly are many who are. Gift cards will be shared with those who truly have compelling stories of needs which need to be immediately met. via sikhnet

For further information or follow-up responses, contact:

Gurinder Singh – 317-308-1050

Mario Rodrigues –
Aaron Batt –  (317) 612 9030


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