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Short Video on “True Story” 1984 Sikh Massacre “Injustice “

This is an effort to uncover the ugly face of the Indian Constitution. This presents the truth of 1984 massacre, in respect to one individual family. Story is based on true events in a village near Delhi.

1984 Anti-Sikh Pogroms took place in India after the assassination of Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984. India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh guards acting in the aftermath of Operation Bluestar.

Over the next four days nearly 3000 Sikhs were massacred in systematic riots planned and led by Congress activists and sympathizers. The then Congress government was widely criticized for doing very little at the time, if not acting as a conspirator, especially since voting lists were used to identify Sikh families.

The then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, son of Indira Gandhi allegedly made a statement emphasizing the importance of his mother, while discounting the death of thousands, “When a big tree falls, the earth is bound to shake” on the Sikh carnage. His widow, Sonia Gandhi, the President of the Congress Party, officially apologized in 1998 for the events of November, 1984.

It is alleged that the anti-Sikh violence were conducted at the behest of the Congress party who actually instigated masses. Many ordinary Indians of different religious dispositions made significant efforts to hide and help Sikh families as outlined in affidavits of Sikh victims and have been active in seeking appropriate justice.



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