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Shocking video – Punjabi Woman crew for selling girls for prostitution in Ilford, UK

Indian Lady Running Prostitution Ring in UK

He Asked I Sponsor the Girls myself, Order the girls over for 6 month from India and Pakistan for one hour then £120 and for Night it’s £250..

(DSU News Bureau) An Indian national Punjabi woman named Amarjit was busted by a news crew for selling girls for prostitution. The woman known as ‘bhabhi’ runs a prostitution ring in Ilford, UK by trapping and influencing young Indian and Pakistani girls.

A news crew performed a sting on the woman where a girl working undercover contacted the woman to record the shocking videos. The videos revealed a shocking conversation between the two which revealed how she lures young girls into her ring. Amarjit can be heard saying she imports girls Indian and Pakistani descent for the sole goal of selling them to men.

In the video, she is heard saying she will split the payment with the girl and immediately after the news crew catches her red handed. Amarjit tries to cover by saying, “How can I do this, I don’t have a home myself” and further went onto say, “I was contacting the girl to help me in sewing.”

Just this weekend, a girl aged 13 went missing in Ilford named Simran Jassal. Police have launched a massive man hunt to locate the woman as it’s being considered a high priority case. Many on social networks are expressing the girl might have become a victim of grooming which has become very common in the UK.

Here is the shocking video


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