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Shaheedi Saka Chownk Mehta ; Punjab Police Martyred 18 Singh’s | 20th September 1981

On 20th September 1981 when Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindrawale courted arrest at Mehta after a huge smagam, the dusht Punjab police martyred 18 Singh’s after Sant Ji had left for Ludhiana jail.

After 2pm when sant ji had left to go ludhiana jail the punjab police opened fire at mehta to purposely ruin the peaceful atmosphere and in the process martyred 18 singhs. Listen to our emotional kavishari vaar narrating what happened. Written by the late bhai jagir singh ji masst.

Tribute to the 24 singhs who were purposely shot at by the punjab police on the day sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale gave arrest on 20th september 1981.

listen to the speech sant ji did on this day Jagowalajatha – Sant-bhindranwale-day-of

This kavishari vaar is an old recording from 1986.

Click here to download video > 4 On 20th September 1981 when Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Jagowale_3



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