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Shaheed Jathedar Harminder Singh Ji Nihang, KLF | Shaheed by Punjab Police.

Shaheed Jathedar Harminder Singh Ji Nihang, made shaheed by Punjab police. For the past few weeks Jathedar Sahib had been complaining about chest pains due to excessive torture. Electric shocks as well physical torture were performed on Jathedar Sahib. It is clear that Punjab police made no effort to get Jathedar Sahib appropriate medical attention, which leads us to believe this was deliberately done.

This is a new trend by the Indian government to make Jhujaru Singhs Shaheed.

The Sikh Nation has lost a true soldier to the cause of Khalistan.. A true leader, who gave up the luxuries of life and committed to the Sikh struggle. Our condolences goes to the family of Jathedar Harminder Singh Ji Nihang, Mukhi Khalistan Liberation Force.

Patiala Jail Superintendent Kapoor, is an known member of RSS. Under his supervision Jathedar Nihang was denied appropriate medical care which led to the martyrdom of Jathedar Nihang.

All of the Punjab jails are holding a hunger strike in anger due to the ill treatment of Jathedar Nihang. He had been complaining about chest pains for the past few weeks due to police brutality.

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