Shaheed Sikh 13th April 1978Shaheed Singh Lifes Story

Shaheed Jathedar Amreek Singh Khalsa | 13th April 1978 | 1978 Vaisakhi Massacre

Shaheed Jathedar Amreek Singh Khalsa | 13th April1978 | Shaheedi Purab | 1978 Vaisakhi Massacre | Read below in Punjabi

Shaheed Jathedar Amreek Singh Khalsa 13th April1978

Jathedar Amreek Singh was born in 1957 in the village of Kajala in Amritsar. His parents were Harbhajan Kaur and Kundan Singh and he had one elder and four younger brothers.

Amreek Singh was a very compassionate soul and felt distressed at the plight of the poor and needy. Without hesitation, he would gift them money and items from his house, even the clothes he was wearing!

Such was his love for the Guru’s teachings, he would encourage his family and friends, as well as the workers on his family farm, to walk on the Guru’s path. Even though he came from a wealthy family, he lived a simple life and did not tolerate any disrespect of Guru Ji. Amreek Singh was strict in his Sikh code of conduct and was a devout Gursikh.

On the Vaisakhi day in 1978, Jathedar Amreek Singh awoke at Amrit Vela and after his morning Ishnaan and Nitnem, his mind turned to thoughts of Shaheed’s from the past. Unaware of the circumstances, he would confront later that day, Amreek Singh performed an Ardas that one day, he too may become a sacrifice for the nation.

As he made his way to the daily divan, a Singh came rushing to him and said – ‘your presence is needed, today our Guru Ji is being insulted and the time has come to stand up and make the ultimate sacrifice for the panth!”.

True to his nature, Jathedar Amreek Singh ran out of the Harimandir Sahib precinct without hesitation and headed towards his final battle where Guru Sahib fulfilled his final Ardas of Shaheedi.

Parnaam Shaheeda Nu!

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