Shaheed Sikh 13th April 1978

Shaheed Bhai Kewal Singh 13th April 1978

Shaheed Bhai Kewal Singh | 13th April 1978 | Shaheedi Purab | 1978 Vaisakhi Massacre

Bhai Kewal Singh was born in March 1953, in Premgarh (Hoshiarpur). His parents were Sardar Amar Singh and Satia Kaur. Until the age of around seven years old, he spent his childhood in Hoshiarpur but in 1960 the family moved to Calcutta, where his father ran a transport company. He only passed four classes at school and although his family tried to persuade him to continue his studies, he was more interested in working. So in 1966, he spent a year in Kishan Ganj (Bihar) training in motor electrics after which he returned to Calcutta.

His interest in reading Gurbani began to grow until eventually in 1972, he received the gift of Amrit. After completing his training, he did not find a job, so he started his own domestic work. He then moved from Calcutta to Hoshiarpur and here he met Gursikh Sangat.

Bhai Kewal Singh was an enthusiastic student of Shashtar-Vidya (science of weapons) and used to travel seven miles daily to attend training. He not only learned Gatka, but also learned how to make his own Shastars and would teach Gursikhs how to look after Shastars properly, to ensure the Khalsa is always battle-ready.

At his father’s request, he went to Calcutta again to do some domestic work. He also spent a lot of his time reading Gurbani and living amongst other Gursikhs. Just as he was interested in Shastars, he also had a great love for Naam-Bani.

In November 1977 he again returned to Hoshiarpur. The Gursikhs would ask him to do some work so about two months prior to his Shaheedi, he started working. He promised that he would serve langar to the Singhs out of his first wages, but he was never able to carry out this Sewa. Afterwards his family carried out his wish and served Langar to Gursikhs.

Bhai Kewal Singh also enjoyed playing the tabla and performing Kirtan. Bhai Kewal Singh prayed that his life be a sacrifice for the greater good and he may obtain freedom from life and death.

On Vaisakhi in 1978, Bhai Kewal Singh joined Bhai Fauja Singh and others, during the peaceful protest against the Nirankari cult. When Bhai Fauja Singh was seriously injured, Bhai Kewal Singh used his body as a shield to prevent them from wounding him further. But, the Nirankari followers aided by the police did not relent and continued their firing, thus killing Bhai Kewal Singh.

Parnaam Shaheeda Nu!


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