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Senior Sikh Council Uk Members Have Secret Meeting With Nindak Dilgeer

Singhs raided a secret meeting of nindaks at Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Harley Grove in Bow, East London where Nindak Harjinder Dilgeer was a guest speaker. Dilgeer has written many articles, books and released videos on YouTube disrespecting Nit Nem, Dasam Bani, Amrit Sanchaar, Rehat Marayada and distorting Sikh history. He has caused so much offense that Gurdwaras around the world have banned him from their stages.

The Nindak Council UK have been tricking their way into Gurdwaras by booking meetings and then getting controversial Dilgeer to be guest speaker. Often Gurdwara committees are unaware who Dilgeer is and allow the booking because it’s done in the name of other groups.

We ask all Gurdwara committees to do their research on who is booking rooms at their Gurdwaras and make sure they are not a trick by Nindaks to get in.

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