Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale

Sant Bhindranwale Ji Were Given a Receipt Of The Arrest Warrant as The Police Came To Arrest Sant Ji | 16th SEPT 1981

In connection to lala jagat narains killing

On the 9th sant jis arrest warrant was issued by the panjab police

On the 12th after sant jis buses were set alight and singhs were beaten, maharajs gutke and senchiyan were also burnt in the fire.

On the 16th sant ji were given a receipt of the arrest warrant as the police came to arrest sant ji.
Heres the interesting part. This is where a pooran brahmgianis power comes into force.
As the police had come to arrest sant ji, sant ji declared “i will give myself in for arrest

On september 20th at mehta”. The police could not handcuff sant ji and take him away. This is the true power of mahapurkh sant bhindranwale, the greatest general of the nation.



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