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San Fransisco :- Gurcharan Singh Stabbed To Death In California

68 year old Sikh store owner Gurcharan Gill was stabbed to death yesterday at the Shields Express Market in Central Fresno. Gill showed signs of trauma and he ended up dying due to his severe wounds.

Investigators are trying to determine the motive for the attack. There have been several hate crimes against Sikhs in Fresno in just the past month due to mistaken identity. Several Gurdwaras were vandalized and 2 Sikhs were severely assaulted.


SAN FRANSISCO:  A 68-year-old Sikh man was stabbed to death in California’s Fresno city on January 1, prompting police to launch a hate crime probe into the city’s first homicide.

Gurcharan Singh Gill, an employee at local liquor store at Shields Express in West Shields Avenue was at work when he was stabbed to death during broad day light, Lieutenant Mindy Casto said.

While investigations are still going on, local community members feel Mr Gill was attacked due to his identity and skin colour, officer Casto said.

When officers of Fresno Police Department arrived at the scene they found an elderly man lying in the shop. Emergency medical team tried to provide first-aid but it was determined that Gill had already died, Fresno Bee reported.

The motive and cause of death are not known yet. His death marked the city’s first homicide of 2016, police said.

On December 28, another elderly Sikh man was brutally assaulted by two persons in Fresno. No arrests have been made in either cases.

The police have appealed to the local people to report if they find any leads to the incident.

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