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Sakshi Bhardwaj Abuse About Sikhism | Govt. Should Take Step Against Her

Sakshi Bhardwaj Talking About Sikh Regiment. Kaur is a name utilized by Sikh ladies as either a middle or surname. The tenth master of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh presented Kaur and Singh, when he administered Amrit (baptism) to both male and female Sikhs.

This especially impacted ladies who were anticipated to take their spouse’s household name upon marital relationship. The British necessary females to handle their hubbies’ names. Sakshi Bhardwaj Talking About Sikh Regiment

Sikh concepts think that males and females are entirely equivalent. For that reason, a female is crowned with terrific obligation and can lead her own life as a specific, equivalent to males. Sakshi Bhardwaj Talking About Sikh Regiment

She does not require a guy’s title to raise her own status. Stating this would break the concepts mentioned in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the spiritual text of Sikhism. Sakshi Bhardwaj Talking About Sikh Regiment

All female Sikhs were asked to utilize the name Kaur after their forename and male Sikhs were to utilize the name Singh. (Since ‘Kaur’ indicates “Princess”, the name functions as a sign of equality amongst males and females.)

This custom-made even more verified the equality of both genders as was the custom set by the creator of Sikhism, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It was meant to offer females a sense of dignity and warrior values. Sakshi Bhardwaj Talking About Sikh Regiment

Singh is likewise utilized by some non-Sikh females due to the fact that Singh can be a surname for a number of other neighborhoods. It is the most typical surname utilized by Sikhs. It is not compulsory to be baptized to consist of Kaur and Singh in the name.

Kaur supplies Sikh ladies with a status equivalent to all males. This was likewise planned to lower the bias developed by caste-typing based upon the household name. Bias based upon caste was still widespread throughout Guru Gobind’s time (17th century).





  1. You Are Doing Great Job..Keep It Doing Sakshi Ji….Love You Sakshi Ji….Faad Do In Fukrey Ki….Saale Hindu Dharm Se Aaye Hai, Aur Kamine Log Hindu Ko Hi Gali Dete Hai….Daugle Hotein Hai..

  2. Sakshi Bhardwaj well done u r such a brave girl that u r fighting with these stupids Sikhs for Brahmins who always disrespect Hindus and Brahmins.salute u Sakshi

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