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RSS Controlled Takht Sri Hazur Sahib Gives Siropa To ‘Drama Maa’ (Radhe Ma)

Takht Sri Hazur Sahib gave a siropa to the self claimed god woman ‘Radhe Ma’after she visited the historic Gurdwara Sahib. The woman has made headlines on all national televisions after a video of Navjot Sidhu praising her surfaced.

The so called ‘Radhe Ma’ walked inside the Gurdwara with her tri spear emblem and was honored with a siropa. It is mind boggling why a siropa was given to her as she has had no contribution to Sikhism.

Sikhs worldwide are outraged after the video of her surfaced online being honored. The Takht now has 2 RSS members on it’s board including the head Tara Singh.




The very much popular Radhe Maa made a public appearance to the media following the controversy surrounding her actions and antics which go on in her “darbar”.

 In recent days images and videos were leaked to the press showing various different poses of the Godwoman, much different to that which is portrayed by her followers.

Firstly Navjot Sidhu was caught in this web as he praised her during his visit to her darbar, and since then images showing Radhe Maa in short dresses, videos of her dancing and tales from her followers as well as old acquaintances have brought the media spotlight on Radhe Maa.


An audio tape of Radhe Ma has been retrieved from Punjab’s Surinder Mittal, who is an old acquaintance of her.

13 years back Radhe Maa conducted a Jagran in Phagwara, where things back-fired and she was forced to say sorry to the whole audience. This revolt against her was led by Surinder Mittal.

The audio tape takes this mystery to another level and the truth is yet to be found.



Mumbai: Self-proclaimed godwoman, Radhe Maa, has been booked under the Dowry Prohibition Act for instigating husband and in-laws of a 32-year-old woman to demand dowry from her family.

The victim, who resides in Kandivli area of Mumbai, said that the controversial godwoman had instigating her in-laws and husband to harass her in the name of dowry.



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