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Revealed How NIA Torture Led To Death of Innocent Man | #freeJaggiNow

It was revealed by Indian media, a man named Rampal who was amongst the men who took wounded RSS leader Durga Prasad Gupta to a hospital and later died of his wounds has committed suicide. This has become a major talking point after the son of Rampal released some disturbing information.


It has now been revealed Rampal ended his life after he was pressurised into becoming a witness against Jaggi Johal and Hardeep Singh Shera and Ramandeep Singh Ramana. The NIA mentally tortured the man and tried to compel him to testift in this case. Rampal phoned his family and revealed to them he was ending his life as he could not deal with this pressure.

In other distubing news, it has been revealed the NIA are so desperate into making this case they have travelled to places to create fake witnesses in this murder charge which has innocent Sikh youths in jail. The reports of the suicide and allgations against the NIA are coming direct from Rampals family. It has also been revealed in India the NIA have ZERO evidence til date and neither them or the Punjab police are able to find anything agaisnt those in jail for these crimes.

Therefore, to save their own skin they are now trying to fabricate evidence and make fake witnesses. All of these points can be heard in this video as the special guest on the show reveals this information which he has picked up from Indian media. via

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