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What will be the borders of an independent Punjab? (Referendum 2020)

Initially the country of Punjab will be the current state of Punjab. Once we have achieved independence, we will start negotiations with India and find a peaceful solution to repatriating our lost territories.

What about the people who live in Punjab but will not want to live in an independent Punjab?

Any person who wishes to leave an independent Punjab will have all the right to do so.

What will happen to India if Punjab regains its independence?

No one knows for sure, but it is the opinion of must analysts that if Punjab decides to exercise its right to self-determination, many other states will also decide to self govern their territories leading to the eventual disintegration of the state of India as we know it today.

Will people like the Badals be the leaders of an independent Punjab?

No all those Indians who have participated in the systematic murder of Sikhs, directory or indirectly, will not be allowed to have any positions of authority in an independent Punjab. Instead, they will be arrested and put on trial for their crimes.

Will the Indians conduct another Genocide against Sikhs living outside of Punjab if Punjab becomes independent?

No, India will be very hesitant to organize another genocide against Sikhs once Punjab becomes independent because an independent Punjab will do everything within its power to protect Sikh lives.

All options will be on the table to protect innocent Sikhs around the world.

What will happen to the Sikhs who live in India but not in Punjab?

They will be given a choice to join an independent Punjab or continue to live in India. But it will be their choice.

Will the neighboring countries be hostile to an independent Punjab?

No, neighboring countries will not be hostile to an independent Punjab. Originally when Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan there was an adjustment period for Pakistan to accept the new reality. But today Pakistan is on the verge of signing a Free Trade Agreement with Bangladesh. This shows the positive nature of this relationship.

This will also be the case for an independent Punjab. After a period of adjustment for neighboring states to accept the new reality, Punjab will have very positive relations.

Will our neighboring countries give us access to their air space?

Yes neighboring countries will allow access to their air space for commercial use. The UN has established a body to govern commercial air travel. The International Civil Aviation Organization allows member state to use each other’s air space for commercial use. This is why today India and Pakistan allow their commercial airplanes to fly over their territories even though they have hostile relationship.

Will Punjab have a strong economy if it does not have access to the sea?

Yes Punjab will have a strong economy. Having access to the sea does not guarantee a successful state and not having access to the sea does not guarantee a failed state. Switzerland and Austria are 2 states that do not have access to the sea yet are very successful states. One the other hand, there are other European countries that do have access to the sea, but are not as successful such as Poland and Ukraine.

What kind of government will Punjab have?

A independent Punjab will have a representative democracy.

What about Non-Sikhs in Punjab, what will happen to them?

All people will be welcomed in Punjab, Sikhs and non-Sikhs. Non-Sikhs will have equal rights as Sikh citizens in an independent Punjab.

Will an independent Punjab be a strict religious country?

No, an independent Punjab will not be a strict religious state. An independent Punjab will not force any religious views on any citizen.

Every citizen of Punjab will be free to follow whatever faith they believe in or no faith at all.

What about Nankana Sahib, will we retake that from Pakistan?

No, Pakistan has been a great friend to the Sikh people and will continue to be so in the future. The most likely scenario will be Pakistan an Punjab will enter into a EU type relationship where crossing the boarders between the two countries will be as easy as it is in the EU today. This will allow Sikhs to have access to Nankana Sahib along with other Gurdwaras.

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