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Ramandeep Singh ‘Goldy’ Is Brought To Court From Nabha Jail | The Judge Sets The Next Date Of Hearing For Friday 27th

On 6th November 2014, Ramandeep Singh ‘Goldy’ was deported from Malaysia. Panjab Police had implicated him in the murder of Rulda Singh (the 62-year-old ‘Sikh’ face of the RSS, a Hindu supremacist paramilitary organisation committed to diluting Sikh values with Hindutva beliefs) who was killed outside his residence in Patiala in 2009 and in a Patiala bomb blast case.


Ramandeep Singh’s capture also carried a reward of Rs10 lakhs. DSP Sohal and Inspector Mandeep Singh were sent to Thailand where it is believed, Ramandeep was staying. He was further tracked down in Malaysia and put on an Air India flight to Chennai and was arrested when the plane touched down. He has cases registered against him under the Arms & Explosives Act and the Unlawful Activities Act. Sumedh Saini (then DGP of Punjab Police), announced a promotion by way of reward, for the 2 arresting police officers.

It is noteworthy that a number of people accused by the Panjab police in exactly the same cases, have been cleared and acquitted by the courts when the case finally made it to trial. It is a typical police manoeuvre, to bury Gursikhs under a variety of cases, thus ensuring they spend a considerable part of their remaining life simply fighting to clear their name. Sikh Relief (SOPW) remain concerned for their well-being and the right to a free and fair trial. We have been funding Ramandeep Singh’s legal welfare and will keep you updated of developments in his case. via 

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