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Radhe Maa exposed! | Vulgar Story | Radhe Maa asked me to have sexual

Indians and their blind faith in godmen and godwomen is hardly a secret and sooner or later these self-styled gurus end up making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Self-styled godwoman Radhe Maa, known for her lavish lifestyle and high-profile ‘devotees’, has been booked under the Dowry Prohibition Act. As if that was not enough, pictures of Radhe Maa surfaced on social media where she is seen dancing to the beats of Bollywood song.



A big fan of actor and former porn star Sunny Leone, Radhe Maa in these pictures is dressed in a short red skirt posing for the camera. The pictures were posted by Rahul Mahajan, son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan, on twitter.
The self-proclaimed godwoman has been banned from visiting Nashik for the upcoming Kumbh Mela, after she was booked in the dowry harassment case.
Mahant Gyandas, who also claims to be the president of Akhil Bharatiya Akhada Parishad endorsed the demand by the Dwarkapeeth Shankaracharya Swami Swarupanand Saraswati and said, “The entry of pretenders is rising in the sacred arena of sadhus and mahants. Trikal Bhavanta, Radhe Maa, and Sachchidananda, who is a liquor professional should be restrained from participating in ‘shahi snan’ (sacred bath).”
The godwoman is also in trouble for instigating the husband and in-laws of a woman to demand dowry from her. The woman claimed that her parents had given jewellery worth Rs 102 crore at the time of her marriage. But Radhe Maa allegedly asked her in-laws to pressurise the woman to get more dowry from her parents.
Meanwhile, another woman hurled more allegations against Radhe Maa. The self-styled godwoman has been accused of performing obscene and vulgar dance steps with her followers during satsangs.


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Controversial ‘godwoman’ Radhe Maa faces yet another another allegation by TV star Dolly Bindra, IBN Live reported. The actress told the news channel that she had been asked by the godwoman to have a “sexual relationship with a stranger”. The channel reported that Bindra has filed a complaint in a Mumbai police station, naming 20 people with the allegation.

Bindra told the channel that such incidents were common in the godwoman’s satsang and that they had tried to exploit her. “Once, her son and her follower tried to molest me in front of her other followers” she told the channel.

Radhe Maa asked me to have sexual relation with a stranger, alleges TV actress Dolly Bindra. Dolly Bindra who once used to say all good things about Radhe Maa is now going for complaints against her. Dolly Bindra went for a second complaint against her alleging that she had forced her to have sexual relation with a stranger. She also said that Radhe maa’s son striped his clothes off in front of her.

Bollywood actress and former devotee of controversial ‘god woman’ Radhe Maa, Dolly Bindra has written to the Mumbai Police Commissioner complaining that she has received threatening calls.

“I am getting life-threatening calls and I doubt on Radhe Maa, MM Gupta, and Asaram’s followers over it. I have filed a complaint and the police will investigate the matter,” Bindra told

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