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Punjab Police Cracks Down on Innocent Sikh Youth After Beas “Anakh Rally” | Police Using Pic’s on Social Media to Identity | Most Active Sikh youth in Order to Arrest

NAWANSHEHAR, Punjab—Following the “Vangar March” in Beas by Sikh Jathebandis against Shiv Sena and right-wing Hindu organizations, the Punjab Police is cracking down on Sikh Youth. Police is using pictures on social media to identity most active Sikh youth in order to arrest them.

Earlier today, May 27, Sikh24 has confirmed that the Nawanshehar police have arrested an innocent Sikh youth by alleging that he is associated with Babbar Khalsa. The accused Sikh youth, Bhai Arvinder Singh, is originally from village Pallian Khurd. However, for the last six years, he has lived in Doha, Qatar.

Punjab Police

Family members informed Sikh24 that Bhai Arvinder Singh had come back to Punjab two months ago and was preaching Sikhi among youth. The police alleged that he was instigating the public against India. After producing him before the Court, the police got him remanded until May 30, 2016.

Police have alleged that Arvinder Singh has planning to target anti-Sikh cults in Punjab. Another Sikh youth named Mandeep Singh from Jagraon was also rounded up by the local police. Mandeep Singh is a Canadian Sikh and returned to Punjab for a brief travel.

Following the Sarbat Khalsa, Sikh24 published a story about the arrest and detention of Bhupinder Singh Cheema, from California who was arrested merely for attending the Sarbat Khalsa at Chabba in May 2015. Similarly, the Punjab Police is known to act hard on NRI Sikhs. Bhai Ravinder Singh Gogi, son of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa who is currently overseeing his father’s health, was also arrested last year in April and kept in custody for 2 months without a court hearing. via Sikh 24

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