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Punjab Police crackdown on Sikh activists across Punjab; Bhai Papalpreet Singh charged under 107/151


Amritsar, August 6: In the late night on August 5, Punjab Police launched a massive crackdown on Sikh activists across Punjab to arrest them. The Police of corresponding districts conducted raids to houses of leaders of Sikh organizations to arrest them. Punjab Police launched this operation to prevent Sikh activists from participating in demonstration to be held outside Dayanand Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana on August 6, where Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa was being force fed by the Punjab Government.

As per the reports available with ‘Sikh24’, dozens of Police cops arrested General Secretary of Sikh Youth Front Bhai Papalpreet Singh in a raid to his home at 11:30 pm. The police took him away to Majitha Police Station, where he was charged under section 107/151 of Cr.P.C. (Code of Criminal Procedure). Till the writing of this news, Bhai Papalpreet Singh was brought to Amritsar Court to appear him before SDM.

President of Sikh Youth Front Dr. Sharanjit Singh Rataul managed to escape from the raid of Police to his home, but the Police arrested his father and later released him after Dr. Rataul surrendered in Police Station during afternoon. He was also released later in the evening of August 6.

Other prominent Sikh activists like

Bibi Sandeep Kaur,

Bhai Kulbir Singh Barapind,

Bhai Kanwarpal Singh,

Bhai Harbhajan Singh Kahsmiri,

Bhai Harpal Singh,

Bhai Harbir Singh Sandhu,

Bhai Fauja Singh Dhanausari,

Bhai Balwant Singh Gopala were also arrested in late night raids.

Most of the arrested Sikh activists were reportedly released in the evening. But the Bhai Papalpreet Singh of Sikh Youth Front and Bhai Kanwarpal Singh of Dal Khalsa were detained by leveling false charges of 107/151 of Cr.P.C.(Code of Criminal Procedure). via Sikh24

update on  11pm Vikram Singh dhanaula sends jail


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