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Protest | Whitehall to Free ‘British-born Sikh man who was ‘abducted then Tortured by Indian police’  | as 175 MPs Express Concern over the Case | #FreeJaggiNow

Hundreds of Sikh protesters marched outside the Foreign Office in Whitehall in support of a British Sikh who they claim has been abducted and ‘tortured’ by police in India.

The crowd demanded the release of Jagtar Singh, 30, who was detained by police in Punjab over allegedly financing weapons used in the murder of several officials in the Indian state.

They say the Government has ignored the plight of Scotsman Mr Singh, known to friends and family as Jaggi, who they claim has been and subjected to ‘body separation techniques’ and electric shocks.

Supporters also fear Mr Singh may die in police custody unless the government acts soon.

A huge crowd brought the road outside the Foreign Office to a standstill, holding placards emblazoned with Mr Singh’s face and the slogan ‘Free Jaggi Now’.

Many wore branded hoodies and several of the banners showed the Brit’s face over a Scottish flag.

His brother Gurpreet Singh Johat, 32, who travelled to London from Scotland, told protesters the government has failed to act on the case and accused it of stripping Sikhs of their rights.

He said: ‘They have got a duty to a British citizen. He’s British by birth, he’s not British by acquired nationality.’

Using a megaphone to address the crowd, he added: ‘He has lived 30 years of his life in this country, if this is happening to him what rights do we have as British citizens?’

Mr Singh, from Dumbarton, Scotland, was ‘abducted by plain clothes Indian policemen’ while out shopping with his newly-wed wife, according to the Sikh Federation.


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