sikh hepl in chani

Pics & Videos :- Sikh Community Distributing Langar and Helping Rescue Victims of the flooding in Chennai.

Chennai Sikh community prepared Langar at the Gurudwara Sahib and distributed in Anna Nagar, GN Chetty Road and Manali. Gurdwara Sahib sustained flooding too.

With the help of lorry, they managed to rescue a few people from their houses and send food packets. Food was also distributed by boat.

Heavy floods in Chennai have caused havoc, 1000’s are stranded and cut off from local amenities.

The Sikh community get together at the Gurdwara and prepare langar….and then risk their own lives distributing Langar across the region!!

They have been to the hospitals and places of worship for other faiths distributing the food.

Several Sikh relief organizations have arrived in the flood struck areas of Chennai to provide much needed aid. Khalsa Aid is one group which has deployed several volunteers to get aid to the worst hit and remote places. The group is providing the most needed necessities such as blankets, protein rich foods, and essentials for survival.

Many other Sikh groups have geared up from Punjab to reach Chennai to help the thousands of victims.

Here is a look at some of the relief work:

Sikh community distributing Langar and helping rescue victims of the flooding in Chennai







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