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Pakhandi Baba :- Panj Puri Stored Gurbani Gutkas Inside his Socks

A man running a dera called ‘Panj Puri’ stored Gurbani Gutkas inside his socks. The Singhs of Damdami Taksal came after hearing the Baba commited sacrilege of Gurbani at his Dera.

Pakhandi Baba Kept Gurbani Gutkas In His Socks Gets Caught By Singhs

The Singhs questioned the Pakhandi who accepted what he was doing at the dera. The Singhs took the man to the police station but they refused to file any charges. Despite the Singhs arriving in large numbers, the police refused to hold the man in doing any crime. Apparently, Sacrilege of Gurbani and hurting Sikh sentiments wasn’t considered a crime by the police.


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