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Open Challenge to India & Interview after Released Paramjit Singh Pamam


London: A press release issued today Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) says: [P]ortugal’s Justice Minister Francisca van Dunem has rejected the request by Indian authorities to release the 42-year-old father-of-four to their custody.

Police officers who had arrived from the Punjab to pick Paramjeet Singh Pamma up had already been ‘routed’ by a criminal complaint put in by Mr Singh’s legal team alleging past acts of torture of prisoners in jail, the statement reads.

But now India’s bid to detain Paramjeet Singh Pamma on what it called terrorist charges has been firmly kicked in the teeth, SFJ said.

SFJ legal advisor Gurpatwant Pannun – who has been at the head of the legal fight since Mr Singh was arrested in Albufeira before Christmas – is now on his way to Beja jail to secure his client’s release, and prepare for an emotional journey home.

This has bThis has been an issue that inflamed sikhs across the world.



Since taking up the story in December, the Resident has been in touch with multiple sources, all of whom stressed India’s appalling human rights record.

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