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Obama appeal to release Bapu Surat Singh son Ravinderjeet Singh Gogi

Birmingham (April 24, 2015): learn lodged in various jails of India for the release of political prisoners on hunger strike since January 17, running Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa US citizen son Bhai Ravinderjeet Singh Gogi by Punjab police in the name of peacein a false case was arrested and sent to prison by the gatherings of the US President Barack Obama has appealed for the release.

Guru Nanak Gurdwara samaidika Organising Committee chief attendant Bhai Malkit Singh tehiga in a statement to the press by US President Barack Obama has urged Americans Citizen Ravinderjeet Singh Gogi Punjab government 107/51, wearing a false caseFebruary 26, is being held in jail.

Bapu Surat Singh's son to release Ravinderjeet Singh Gogi Obama appeal


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