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Nabha Jailbreak | The Arrested Parminder Singh was Caught with the Toyota Fortuner car that Broke barricades in Haryana

Chandigarh: As per media reports, the Uttar Pradesh police yesterday arrested a person, suspected to be key facilitator, of Sunday’s sensational jailbreak in Maximum Security Jail, Nabha. In a seperate incident the Mohali police reportedly arrested Kulpreet alias Neeta Deol on late Sunday evening.

According to the Indian Express (IE), “[t]he UP Police Sunday evening recovered a Toyota Fortuner SUV reportedly used by armed men who helped six inmates escape from the Nabha jail, and arrested the driver of the vehicle in Shamli. The driver has been identified as Palwinder Singh (35) of Jalandhar”.

Hindustan Times (HT) report notes that “hours after the attack gangster Palwinder Pinda was arrested in UP with getaway vehicle and weapons”.

“The same Toyota Fortuner that was seized in Shamli had earlier in the day been spotted by Haryana Police in Kaithal. However, the driver did not stop, broke the police check post and sped away”, says the Indian Express (IE) report.

Bullet shells littered at the entrance gate of Nabha jail where the jailbreak took place (HT Photo)
Bullet shells littered at the entrance gate of Nabha jail where the jailbreak took place (HT Photo)

As per the Indian Express (IE), Kulpreet was arrested by Mohali police late on Sunday and is expected to be produced in a local court on Monday. IE quotes unnamed police official saying: “[a]t this moment, we can confirm that we have arrested him”.

Notably, armed persons had stormed Maximum security jail in Nabha on Sunday (Nov. 26) and freed six persons. Besides Harminder Singh Mintoo and Kashmir Singh, four gangsters Vickey Gounder, Gurpeet Sekhon, Amandeep Dhotian and Kulpreet alias Neeta Deol had escaped. Media reports suggest that it was a plan to free the gangsters from prison and Harminder Singh Mintoo and Kashmir Singh joined in after they got tip about the escape plan.


The first arrest related to the Nabha Jailbreak has been made. The arrested Parminder Singh was caught with the Fortuna car that broke barricades in Haryana. The arrest was reportedly made in UP.

The Nabha Jail Break exclusive CCTV footage has been released on news channels. The footage apparently shows the vehicles used by the escapees. Reports indicate around 9am several vehicles approached the Nabha Jail and fired in the air and escaped with several prisoners.

Punjab and surrounding states have issued high alerts over the Nabha Jail break. Haryana police say a Fortuna escaped their barricade which could be tied to the Nabha Jail Break.

The Punjab politicians have started to criticize each other over the Nabha Jail Break with Captain Amrinder Singh of Congress saying the Akalis are behind it while Sukhbir Badal says PAK has a hand in the jail break following surgical strikes.


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