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Must Watch : This is How Beadbi of Gurbani is Done at Almost Every Sikh Wedding ; Refrain From Printing

Bhai Harinder Singh Ji stresses on the importance of giving satkar to Gurbani and how frequently beadbi is committed via the common tradition of printing Gurbani on invitations.


As we are aware wedding season is among us and it has become standard tradition within our community in which families will send out wedding invitation with passages from gurbani printed on them.

wedding card in sikhism


wedding card in sikhism

In result these card are then thrown away into garbage bins or left around our homes causing the sacrilege of gurbani. This is a issue we as sikhs must take very seriously and in order to prevent this kind of disrespect of gurbani we must all refrain from printing gurbani on cards and other formats.

Watch the following clip as Bhai Harinder Singh Jee highlights the current issues of respect for gurbani.

Bhai sahib highlights passages of gurbani which outline the respect of gurbani shabad, in which Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj states that “the paper on which gurbani is written upon becomes blessed, that pen that writes gurbani becomes blessed, and the writer of gurbani is also becomes blessed”. Bhai sahib then relates this passage to how we disrespect gurbani when printing gurbani shabad’s onto cards, invitations and other formats.

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